Geisha Studios & Production Inc.

Geisha%20StudiosGeisha Studios & Production Inc. (Geisha Studios) was established in 2011 out of sheer love and passion for music. What was once a studio for classical music and operas when it started, it evolved into all known genre of musicality. 

In 2012, Geisha Studios made a bold shift into producing DanceSport Music and in 2013 released its first ever album Baila D' Ritmo through the collaborations of talented artists- Watazu from the Philippines and Milos from Montenegro. 

The Album gained favorable accolades and response from Latin DanceSport enthusiasts in as far as Europe and Australia and was being played in major competitions in countries like Bulgaria and Russia. 

Today, Geisha Studios dedicates its skills and talented artists at producing Latin DanceSport remixes for dancesport enthusiast worldwide and hopefully bring back the rhythm of DanceSport in the Philippines.

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