Geisha has nothing to do with its contemporary in Japan.
Jeff is a freelance Training Professional, Events Manager, Marketing Executive, LGBT Advocate & blogger from Manila, Philippines. He stops counting his age when he was 20 years old which makes him a 20 something and started blogging since 2006 when everyone else was busy reading magazines!

With coffee running through his veins, he enthusiastically battles each day, one blog post at a time. He was born with three legs and was removed when he was young robbing all his super powers. 

Unable to use his powers, he worked as a Training Lead for an international chain of hotel from whence he earns a dime and spend his corporate slave moments between Singapore, Manila and Australia. 

When his third eye was activated, He saw an alien visitation, learned about ancient astronauts firsthand, was introduced to Illuminati, witnessed alien abduction, discovered the secrets of building the pyramids, worshipped Anunnaki, quits his job and founded Equality Philippines - a non-government, non-sectarian, non-profit, definitely non-Napoles organization that promotes & safeguard the rights of Filipino LGBT, articulate their concerns and affect policy making through social engagement. Away from the paparazzi and his shanty called Chateau de Luminae, he is often seen behind the scenes of any gay or lesbian oriented events in Manila. When he’s not bullying his imaginary butler named Maritess at the Chateau, he dedicates most of his time updating his Geisha Diaries and his Geisha Studios dedicated at producing Latin DanceSport remixes that gained favorable accolades in Europe & Australia with hopes of bringing back the rythym of DanceSport in the Philipiines.

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