Future Proofing Your Business for the New Normal

As mentioned in our previous post, we were never prepared for this pandemic. No business was ever prepared for any of these to happen. Not even in our lifetime. But it did! And the only thing we can do is keep up to what experts say, the new normal.

If you're positive that you can bounce back after this recession, you are right but you are wrong. If your positivity stems from the sellability of your product and the foot traffic history you previously had in your establishment, you are absolutely wrong. 

The new normal is inspired by our current lockdown and quarantine situation. While we expect establishments to gradually open, it is most unlikely that everything will be back to how our consumers and how businesses behaves pre-covid times. The new normal is going to be less foot traffic, people avoiding large crowd, and bluntly speaking, we will lose 80% of our market.

Yes. 80% of our market is going to be dependent on technology for whatever needs they require. Be it cleaning materials, food, basic needs, spa services, even laundry services. These market will not be out and active on our physical stores as part of the new normal. They will be mostly spending on their mobile phones.

Thus, in order for your business to cope, here are few tips you need to do for your business. 
1. Establish an online footprint. Build a social media account. Build a website. Create Instagram. Engage customers on Twitter. Create an engaging content on YouTube. Whatever industry your business falls, their is the best social media platform that fits for you out there. 
2. Activate your e-commerce. More than creating a social media platform, creating an online store is the best way to cope for the new normal. There are free platforms to choose from. Or you can build it from tools and apps that are free. This allows your customer to check your product, buys them and pay you online!
3. Digitize your payment option. This pandemic has increased the user's of online E-wallet dramatically for a reason. You can use any of them. Digitized your payment option where people can pay you using their mobile phones. In the Philippines, you have a lot of options. And sometimes, you have a lot of options.
4. Build a strong delivery system. You can build it from scratch or partner with an existing delivery platforms. Your options are limitless. This saves you time and you can focus more on production. Whether you are a sari-sari store or a huge grocery store, delivery will be a new trend. Se that to your advantage.
5. Prepare yourself and your staff. You can't go to a war without proper preparation. Training yourself and your staff for the new normal is going to be inevitable and is very crucial. Without proper training, your online store, social media platforms and your online payment is going to be an disaster. Take that fear away by training your staff before you start.

We all have fears out there once we're out on the streets. It's either we're still paranoid for the virus or our anxiety starts from complete uncertainties. In the business world of taking risk, no amount of fear can topple your investments when you're prepared. So suit up, bring in that pen and paper and start planning.

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