Turning Local Products into World Class Gourmet Dish

In this time of Quarantine, we tend to be forgetful on things that mattered to us. Even the days of the week is no longer relevant. The only relevant thing to do at home is either take a tour of your backyard or take some shopping at your kitchen.

Kitchen it is!

It's Maundy Thursday and meat is not an option. 

My friend Bong decided to play around what's in the kitchen and it's very surprising how he turned some local products we have at the OTOP Hub into some delectable gourmet dishes that's world class in taste and truly fine dining.

Our local DTI supported manufacturer has been into food processing forbyears now and although we are into extensive product intro to supermarkets, there's a little less know recipes there is available for these bottled sardines and bagoong. At least within Misamis Occidental.

That's something I wish to incorporate. Invite chefs all over the country and play along with whatever they can come up using our local processes products. 

Sounds like a good plan but with the quarantine and the uncertainties as to when will everything be back to normal, we have no choice but live by the day. 

And now back to the kitchen!

Bong did a marvelous job at creating a world class dish with some of our local products. And by the way, he's really good at everything he cooks. No doubt about it!

So to perfectly fit with the no meat requirement of holy week, let me introduce you to Chef Bong's Baccala & Sardine in Black Ink Pasta!

Made from local pusit and local products that's produced by our local farmers and producers.

Want to know the recipe? Let me know soon 😉

Cheers! 🥂 

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