23rd Day and still counting

Ang haba ng Quarantine.
Mukhang panira talaga ang Covid-19. 

It's the 23rd day of house arrest and looks like everyone is psychologically invested more than the fear of being infected.

People starts to be irritable and atience are getting less by the minute. 

Of course, few movement, few resources and only few networks would take a toll on anyone. 

It's started to take on me but we have to prevail. Together with my good friend, Bong, we put up a daily itinerary to keep ourselves busy whilst making sure adherence to safety remains a top priority.

And on the 23rd day, here's what I'd like to share. A mountain stroll about 25mins from the city. 
It's an oasis of mountains with a huge potential to tourism investment. 

The entrepreneur in me is pushing to get investors dig in to this wonderful location. 

Its cold, close to the city and utilities are available. 

The next time you're in Ozamiz City, make sure you take a side trip to Barangay Gala!

Cheers! 😊 

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