I don't need SOGIE EQUALITY LAW and I am part of the LGBTQIA community.

I fought alongside our brothers and sisters on Pride Marches along the streets of Malate, Quezon City, Marikina, and Cagayan de Oro City. I helped organize QC Pride March, Metro Manila Pride, and other related events for the LGBTQIA community in the past. 

I was part of the organizing team when Quezon City unveiled the Gender Fair Ordinance in 2014. I celebrated alongside 6,000 attendees with almost 100 LGBTQ organizations, but I don't need Sogie Equality Law. 

I don't need the SOGIE EQUALITY LAW. I can do what self righteous heterosexuals can do. Get a job, dine at any resto, get social services, the same way homophobic people do without fear of discrimination and humiliation. 

I walk on the streets, go to public places and none would ever discriminate me. I have never experienced any form of discrimination based on my SOGIE.

I don't need SOGIE EQUALITY Law to protect me of my human rights based on my Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (what SOGIE truly means).

I have traveled domestic and overseas, and I’ve never encountered any problem because of my SOGIE. I have my dream job, have barako friends, dine with my friends, enjoy doing charity works, yet still, have never seen any issues because of my sogie. I am enjoying the full privilege of my constitutional rights as a Filipino. 

But 80% of my brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ badly need it. They don’t enjoy the basics of life that those God-fearing hypocrites have imposed on them to the point of exclusion.

They can't live up to what they look like because those Bible-driven social workers can only identify male or female.

They don’t enjoy the process of job applications because those verse-driven homophobes see them as HIV carriers.

They can't work for jobs they aspire for because those people around them poked in their heads that 'pangparlor ka lang'!

They don’t enjoy the feeling of getting their fair pay because some of the rich amigas who employ their services on binyag, kasal, and even burol, exchange their hardwork to some used lipstick and make-up shit. 

My brothers and sisters in the provinces are viewed as clowns. They are subjected to ridicule on town fiestas, from beksing matches to beksketball games.

They don’t resist because there's nothing and no one to protect them. 

They're my brothers and sisters. Some live with their parents, but majority try to  make ends meet. 

Their stories of survival, hardwork, persistence, and hardships, are beyond compare. 

They're in the most uncomfortable spaces these days because although indirectly, people they call friends are the same people who slam SOGIE EQUALITY BILL and that hurts us to the core. 

They are my family. And the family of many LGBTQIA who left home to live up to their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, away from the prying eyes of their neighbors, relatives, and even families. 

They're my brothers and sisters. 

And like all family, we protect each other. We fight for each other.

If my family bleeds, I bleed too.


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