DosMilDos- Delusom Elementary School

16 years ago, we graduated from Mahayag National High School full of aspirations, dreams and vision. We carry on separate lives and meet in between alumni homecoming and through casual meet ups on our free times.

In 2016, what started out as a coffee session away from the busy work schedule, became a regular focus group discussion of now young professionals, business men and women, entrepreneur, housewives and passionate people geared towards a common goal - feeding one elementary school at a time.

United in Charity through Friendship (Unitatis, Caritas, Amicitia) Dos Mill Dos was born. With the Bhraminy Kite (Banog) as our guide, we aspire to soar high with our vision of inspiring younger generations, instill the power of sharing to the students and create a ripple of generosity within the community. We are #teamKapeKawaKaldero We are #teamdosmildos

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