The trip was not planned at all.

I have little expectations. Not even excited to see yet another beach but after an hour when it was finally decided a go, we were all in a bus heading to Pagadian. Leaving Ozamiz at 9PM and should be in Pagadian by 11pm more or less.

I decided to sleep and imagine what's in store at least.

We arrived Pagadian in it's most unholy hour and decided to get some nomnoms before finding a place for a night. It's better than Ozamiz i suppose. Bars are still on and some half drunk people are on the street. But we didn't come their to party. Just for a night and then off to our destination an hour and a half from Pagadian in the Northern tip of Zamboanga Peninsula.

The first trip to Pitogo, Zamboanga del Sur started early at 5am. The dilapidated van that will take you to the town cost 100 pesos. Don't expect too much though, it's stopover is limitless for so long as passengers need some hitch.

We arrived at the sleepy town of Pitogo at 7am. It was peaceful, quite and a place to retire. We head off to the fish market to get some fresh catch. Fishermen were busy paddling their boats for the freshest catch of the day.

From the shorelines of Pitogo, Panikian Island is around 45 minutes boat ride. The calm seas would freak you out but seeing the corals through the clearest of water is satisfying.

Mistaken as the Turtle Island, Panikian Island is home to the endangered sea turtles. Locals were trying to correct every tourist to call it Panikian. According to local folklore, the island was once a haven of paniki, local dialect for bats, thus the name Panikian.

Panikian Island boost an amazing ecosystem that is worthy of preservation. Maintaining its pristine condition is amazing. Tourist would either lay some straw beds on the sands or get some shade under the coconut trees due to the absence of infrastructure except for a non functional restroom. No complaints. Its an amazing strategy to keep the island in its most natural state.

It's a small island you can walk its shoreline in 15 minutes. 
it has a small lagoon that becomes a pool during high tide.

More than its fine white sand beach and clear waters, the Island is home to a variety of corals and sea turtles that breeds on its shores.

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