Located in Barangay Aguada, the Rodriguez Ancestral is famous for it's historical significance not only to the generous people of Ozamiz City but also to the nation's colorful history.

Believed to have been visited by Dr. Jose Rizal, the National Hero, during his exile in Dapitan, the old house has been a witness to major uprising, foreign invasion and the country's shift in power from Spain to Japan up to America.

Located along the corners of Ledesma and St. Columban Drive, the 2 storey century old residence is home to old furniture, capiz windows and hardwood fixtures. 

The typical layout of a Spanish house, the grand staircase welcomes every discerning guest with intimidation and will be greeted by the old photographs of the family in full aristocratic nature. From the painted portrait of the first generation inhabitants down to the modernly framed shots of the new bloods, the house never fails to scare and amuse both young and old spirits.

With wooden slabs that's seen without any connection at all, the hardwood that made up the entire interior shines in luster over the years. With high ceiling and doors made from a single tree trunk, one can only stare at every glide of its carved design that ornately embellish every furniture inside.

The rooms are even more magnificent with their foster bed type similar to the bedchamber of Europe's ancient castles. 

Despite antiquity, the house is also equipped with appliances from the last inhabitant who happens to have died some 50 years ago keeping all it's item intact and preserved where it was left. Even their menu who appears to have been created by a nutritionist is pinned on a first refrigerator is intact.

The house is currently attended by a caretaker. Unfortunately, none of the heirs are able to maintain the upkeep of the huge estate other than the frail and old caretaker.

More than the property value, the city government is on the move to retain and preserve the historical value this house can offer to the new bloods of Ozamiz.

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