Travelling is probably about sights and sounds, floras and faunas and all the shebangs when it comes to getting the best picture of wherever your good 'ol feet leads you.

Ozamiz City is no exception!

With the recently concluded #VisitOzamiz and probably the commencement of all tailored fit tour packages for Ozamiz City, the influx of local and international tourists alike are expected to boom come early of 2017.

All of which wanted an awesome experience. Everyone of which requires no less than the sumptuous delights Ozamiz can offer.

Thanks to Johann's Cuisine! They'll take care of your gastronomic adventure while you are in the awesome Ozamiz.

Johann's Cuisine is owned by Johann Dagandara who, from humble beginnings captured what the taste of Ozamiz is like. His unorthodox technique in serving the usual pinoy food has made him the sought after restaurateur and caterer in Ozamiz for more than a decade.

Johann started his resto venture by selling lechon one house after the other. His specialized flavour and gourmet style seasoning of the typical roasted pig became a hit that in early 2000's he was able to open his first retaurant in Ozamiz at the former Enclave serving buffet meals for less than a hundred pesos. Ozamiznons loved his food so much that even the nearby cities and provinces associated him to gourmet meals and specialized delicacy!

Local menus in Ozamiz has evolved from the typical barbecue into a gourmet style grilled pork or chicken.Over time, restos has spurred in Ozamiz like mushrooms but nobody catches the taste of Ozamiz like Johann's Cuisine do! With their prompt service and delectable food to choose from, truly Johann's Cuisine has no other way but up!

True to their promise of serving great food and delivering awesome service, Johann's Cuisine shall be all over, delivering to more people what they do best - the awesome taste of Ozamiz!

JOHANN'S CUISINE is located at Lam-An Highway, Ozamiz City and is available for orders at 088-521-4351 ; 0920-9459139

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