Located at City Times Square in Tipolo, Madaue, Cebu, Liv Superclub was hailed as the best place in Cebu in terms of music and disco.

The club's interior is modern and young. With three tiers of accommodation, one can choose between a cocktail table (on the dancefloor), a round table with chairs and a couch for VIP.

If you are alone and wants to explore the club, the bar table is also ideal. Located right at the dancefloor entrance, their 360 degrees bar area is ideal for single and observer like me. 

Although cozy, I would highly recommend party animals to be on the dancefloor and take advantage of the cocktail tables. That's where the  dancing takes place.


Prices are very affordable.
Music is good specially on the primetime slots.
The area is huge.
Their huge LED screen is a stunner.


Attendant needs customer service training.
Their servers are not engage. They don't know when you need a drink and when you ask for one.
Music is bad on early hours. I suggest you jump off during prime time at midnight.
I dunno if there's a loo on those VIP areas, but going out for a leak and going back on queue at the entrance is a no hell no!
Doesn't make any sense having high chairs on those cocktail tables. People go to clubs to party and not make business presentations on a cocktail table. It's a waste of space.

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