[EQ-LAVOTE] In the second part of our special #EQLAVOTE series, we look into where the vice-presidentiables stand on when it comes to marriage equality. With only a few months left before the General Elections, the stake of Filipino LGBTQIA couldn't be more crucial.

Alan Peter Cayetano - "I believe (in) respect and dialogue between the LGBT community and different religious groups, we can map out a law that will not discriminate, but without alienating the Christian groups who may feel that their belief on marriage is violated."

Francis Chiz Escudero - (In 2012) "(I'm) not against it but I don’t think our country and people are ready for it at this time."

(In 2016, after the US Supreme Court decision in favor of same-sex marriage) "More important, the right of the LGBT persons/individuals to be fully accepted by our fellow Filipinos, without morally judging them, and allowing them to live with utmost dignity, free from any forms of discrimination and prejudice." (ADMIN NOTE: It is unclear whether his previous comment on same-sex marriage still stands.)

Gregorio Honasan - "Disapprove. It is not yet the time for that even if the Constitution guarantees life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness. There isn't anything wrong with same-sex relationships, in raising an adopted child, feeding them, sending them to school. But our moral standards might not be ready yet for it; we might gain criticism for it because legalizing that involves the law."

Bongbong Marcos - "For instance, if we will file a law for same-sex marriage and the people are in favor it it, what does it mean? Vox populi, vox dei--the voice of the people is the voice of God. This is what we follow."

Leni Robredo - ''For me, the government should be open in looking at the possibility of same-sex civil unions. Not on marriages done in churches because for me, religious beliefs should remain primordial. We cannot touch on that, but when it comes to government-sanctioned same-sex civil unions, (we) should be open for it." 

Antonio "Sonny" Trillanes IV - (In 2013 interview with GMA News "Mga Isyu Ng Bayan") "I am not for it."

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