Growing up without a grandfather both my father and mother's side has been a mystery to me. Of course they die too early before I was born, but it's different when they tell you their tales first hand. I grew up with 2 of the bests grandma in the world. I remember asking them too many questions about how they live in the past and all their experiences during the war. Recalling their simple lifestyles and how lovely it was to live in their teens, back in the days.

Fast forward, both of them has joined the creator already but their stories of perseverance, hardship, tales of their childhood and the scars of war made me even more interested at going back to where they started. My first attempt brought me to the town of Sibonga in southern Cebu where my maternal grandfather hail. 

My lolo was a native of Sibonga. He left their town when he was young to escape from the bullets of world war 2. Recalling my lola's tales about this town, I marveled into a journey with hopes that for once, I am following my lolo's footsteps around the town. SO i started where all of them begins and ends - the church.

Built in 1830, I am confident that my forefathers have been in this church for ages before me. Just like all spanish towns, opposite the church is their plaza with century old trees, their Town Hall and a school.

It was unfortunate though that their Town Hall was closed. I never had a chance to scan and check any records that belong to my grandfather's roots. 

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