The thought of travelling into an island famous for its mystical nature brought me to the times when Harry Potter was still a boy trying to figure out how to get through platform 9 3/4. Amazed by the medieval costumes of the crowd and surprised by the ginormous size of Hogwarts, I felt like my travel to Siquijor would be Hogwarts-like in nature and as chilling as the boy who lived.

I left Cebu at 10pm bound for a midnight ferry to Dumaguete. I never thought that a 6 hour boat ride would bore me to death but given the whole package of excitement ahead, made me shut all negative thoughts and focus on getting into the great dining hall or the quidditch stadium. The moment i opened my eyes, I was at the Port of Dumaguete. Shortly before sunrise, I am off again to another ferry that leads me to Hogwarts.

The sight of the mystical island along the rugged seas made me even more excited as we traverse deep blue ocean and huge waves. People around me starts to speak the Hogwarts language (if there's any) and listening to them alone give me a sense of belonging.

After an almost 8-hour of travel, I finally set foot on the shores of Siquijor, which in this case, their Port.

The smell of greenery is soothing and the splashes of the sea is hypnotizing. But its too early to sleep at 8am though my eyes says otherwise.

From the moment I arrived till the day I left, I made sure i left no stone unturned.

Below are my recommendations. 

My interest in old architecture and anything old for that matter was fulfilled with their amazing stone churches and old buildings from as far as the dawn of 18th century.

Check out the Siquijor Church and the Lazi Church and its Convent.

Not a die hard fan but their rivers and streams are pristine and clean. Check out the Kambugahay Falls right in the middle of Lazi.

Beaches and Resorts
For an island with 360 degrees of ocean around it, it's almost impossible not touch the seas. They have a whole lot of highland resorts to choose from and great beaches along their shoreline. Check out Salagdoong Beach Resort and their man made forest. 

There's still plenty of sights I missed on this trip. And I look forward to another trip to conquer it all specially that 30Feet dive. 

I am a little bit disappointed at the current state of their heritage sites. Mismanaged, not properly maintained and some areas are close to damage. The Convent in Lazi needs extra care. Other old churches are almost dilapidated. I guess, i'll have that on my next trip.

I never had a chance to see an actual Quidditch cup or an actual broomstick flying in the air, but I was extremely happy seeing an island so tranquil and quite, laid back and peaceful, I decided to build my dreamhouse in Siquijor. 

Matter of fact, it's already in progress :)

Ciao! xxx

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