The table was full of rubbish.

Talks from almost all corners are inaudible. Smokes are everywhere and coffee that goes along with it are now empty.

how-to-draw-holding-hands-for-kids_1_000000009330_5The meeting has commence. Everyone was silent.

I have to bring out the agenda to put everything in order. It was a call for caucus. The Marketing, Promotions and Public Relations team was present.

So much has to be discussed. So much to talk about.

The exchange of ideas lasted until midnight. But it was way too productive. The meeting went well as planned however, the awkward feeling that someone was looking at you is extremely uncomfortable. Too much of an inconvenience when he was sitting right infront of you. But the agenda goes on…

Nothing personal transpired that very same moment when the meeting was adjourned in exchange for some bottles of cold beer nearby, until something unplanned happened. Nabuntis ako.. choss!

Lumabas kaming lahat para mag-isang bote ng beer at least. The guy’s still guarding like an overprotected swiss guard over the pope and the fun continued. He started hitting on me, I assume. Or perhaps too friendly I thought. There were rubbing of hands but it wasn’t dreadful. No malice attached. I don’t talk to stranger, yes, but I wanted to keep the relationship between a team member solid.

The night went morning. The producer was kind enough to offer me a room in his hotel. I obliged. With beer running through my veins it would be arduous for me to heed home this wee hour. I had to drag my other team member to keep me company. And he offered to send us to the hotel.

To make the story short, we ended up sleeping in one king size bed.

He was sweet, caring and huggable. But still too much has to be guarded. He might think am no dalagang pilipina. My values keep me sane and sleeping was the goal.

Nothing happened.

We part ways the next morning after coffee but he promised to keep the line of communication open.

To be continued.

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