Baila D' Ritmo Album 2, soon to be released.

Based on the demands and extreme popularity of Baila D' Ritmo Album released last September 2013, Geisha Studios will be releasing an Album 2 of a compilation that made DanceSport enthusiast jive to the beat. Baila D' Ritmo Album 2 will showcase the latest remixes from Milos and Watazu which will include music from Justin M of Italy and DJ Paki from Australia. 

Baila D' Ritmo was a compilation of popular dancesport remixes through the collaboration of Watazu from the Philippines and Milos from Montenegro. Shortly after its release, online downloads rose from 12 to 1200 in a 3day free download.

The Album gained favorable accolades and responses from Latin DanceSport enthusiasts in as far as Europe and Australia and was being played in major competitions in countries like Bulgaria and Russia. 

The carrier single Baila Pa Mi has been played several times in major competitions in Europe. 

Hooza Hoo, another track from Baila D' Ritmo was also used recently at the Romanian National Championship.

Kuts'k Bonte (Samba), Mi Mi Mi (ChaCha) and El Musado (Samba) also from the Baila D' Ritmo Album 1 was also featured at the Bulgaria DanceSport 2013.

Baila D' Ritmo Album 2 launching will be announced very soon exclusively from Geisha Diaries.

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