Puerto Prinsesa is famous not only for its Underground River but also for the hospitality its people brings!

With its tranquil beaches and numerous tourist destination, your 3 nights stay is more than enough to leave no stone unturned.

Approximately an hour flight from Manila, Puerto Prinsesa is a direct contrast from the hustles of city life.


If you are on a tight budget, their local motorcycle can take you to a city tour for only 800Php. You can also take a more convenient van for the city tour but for a more personalized feel, i suggest you take their local sidecar.

Palawan Rescue and Wildlife Center - they are charging 40Php entrance fee. So be sure to prepare some bills prior to a guided tour within its crocodile sanctuary. For a more death defying act, try and jump at the crocodile lagoon where 15-20 crocs can feast you to the bones! :D

Bakers Hill - famous for its hopia and other delectable patisserie, Bakers Hill is highly suggested for a drop by in case your tummy needs some filling in to do. They also served refreshments and the famous exotic food Tamilok set in a private compound with modern houses and incredible views.

Palawan Eco-Garden and Tribal Village - this is where butterfly lovers would adore. With a wide array of species, this butterfly garden is simply the best. Its best suggested for a visit in the morning and where the sun shines bright. On the other side is the tribal village where native Palaw-ans give you a quick glimpse of the stuff they're using for survival. A taste of their musical prowess will also be showcased in their house built with bamboo and grass. An entrance of 50Php is charged upon entry.

Plaza Cuartel - if you're into ghost hunting and some eye for old architecture, try and pay a visit at Plaza Cuartel. This is where Americans were burned at stake by Japanese soldiers during WWII. A monument to commemorate in their honor is also placed at the middle of the 70 year old plaza.

Church - bathed with light blue and white paint, this gothic cathedral resembles that of San Sebastian in Manila. Its interior is famous for its wooden panels similar to that of a medieval castle in Scotland.

Baybay - named after its local translation of Baywalk, Baybay offers rental bikes for tourists and locals alike. Isaw and some grilled fish will surely make your day complete! Try some of its local isaw. Its the best!

Honda Bay Island Hopping

Start your island experience with a 30mins ride going to the ferry port. Private vans with approximately 11-14 pax tourists can give you a ride to and from your hotel. For a more relax ride, bringing in some nomnoms along the way is best suggested. Make sure to leave some bread for the fish feeding.

Luli Island - known for its 'lulubog, lilitaw' nature, Luli Island can offer fish feeding, snorkeling and some picturesque view of its snake like shape. A seafood buffet is also part of your tour package usually served by the tour guides.

Starfish Island - this island offers a good swim and sun bathing. If you're into camera tricks, tour guides are also offering some tricks for your one of a kind souvenir. Starfishes are on the menu only if you are patient enough for some in depth snorkeling.

Cowrie Island - named after its famous cowrie shells, this island provides shower stalls that allows you to freshen up before heading back to the hotel. Swimming is also ideal. Masseurs are also available for some pampering touch.

It was unfortunate though that the main purpose of our trip which is the Underground River was cancelled. Do note that the arrangements for the underground tour is subject to weather changes and environmental permissions.

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For local experience, send me a private message! hahahahahaha I have few recommendations! LOL

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