You walked in the restaurant and Snow White greeted you. Cinderella prepares the table for you. Princess Lea gave the menu and Bumblebee took your order.

You waited for your order while stunned by the parades of different cartoon and movie characters that you forgot its already past 20 minutes.

Nevertheless, you didn't mind at all because your camera is busy taking snapshots of the servers in character walking to and fro.

You realized you have waited for your order long enough yet you were too busy watching Spiderman dancing Gangnam Style.

Your order arrived and it was Captain America holding the tray.

Albeit late, you still wear a smile because Lancelot looks dumb in his medieval costume while carrying a gallon of water for refill.

Moment of truth.

The food was overpriced. It tastes blunt. And the overall palate experience fail.

Its a resto that meets the eye literally. But it wont satisfy your desire to a sumptuous craving for mouthwatering dishes and palatable experience.

Not Recommended.

And by the way i felt sorry for the servers in costumes. Their costumes are stressful. And its a fire hazard (if you know what I mean).

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