While others have already spent all their monies on christmas shopping. And while others had already taken advantage of their bonuses, Miranda's modeling agency and all its employees are still waiting for their bonus.

Emily was already furious.

Matter of fact, it has been known to Miranda that her privy Emily has loaned some bucks to people under the organizational chart.

Miranda has to verify it yet. Nevertheless, she already prepared a speech to everyone should there be further commotion and queries from the agency's pheasants.

"The business is doing very well. Matter of fact, we have reached a defining moment in matters of revenue for the last two quarters of this year. It is unfortunate though that we had to await some signatures for the release of your 13th month. One of which is mine".

"Other than whining and babbling, i suggest you all go back to work and pray to your gods".

"Emily"! Miranda called.

"If you cant wait for it, the company door is always wide open. So, shall i expect your resignation letter on my table?"

Nagpanic si Emily.

Napaisip. Di nagsasalita.

She was stunned. The only thing she did was open her mouth and froze in unison.

"Very well then," Miranda continued. "Thats very good. Ganyan nga! Yan ang dapat mong gawin - NGANGA!"

That's all.

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