12:00 - United Nations will call an Emergency meeting.

12:30 - 5 asteroids the size of Manhattan hits Asia, Australia, Africa, Antarctic and Americas. UN officials are now in chaos.

1:00 - A grueling earthquake is now in motion. Europe is heavily devastated.

1:30 - Tsunamis are eating half of the globe. UN is now disappointed and desperate at seeking extraterrestrial help.

2:00 NASA sent SOS signal outside Earth. Radio Frequencies are amplified to the billionth power to reach the farthest planet.

2:30 - Pacific ocean growls like lion and Japan vanished from the face of the Earth.

3:00 - CIA, FBI and Secret Service joined the UN meeting for help. The secretary general was skeptic but hopeful on military's suggestion.

4:00 - An extraterrestrial spacecraft was seen by NASA flying over Earth. It was seen firing balls of fire on remaining islands.

5:00 - Military's secret weapon was deployed. It was hidden at Area 51. Jets and human in suits flew over Roswell Mexico to engage the unidentified flying object.

6:00 - Avengers arrived at the heavily devastated London.

7:00 - Superman was seen saving the victims and fighting near South Africa.

8:00 - Batman and Spiderman fought bravely near Vancouver.

9:00 - Philippine sent out Maria Makiling, Lam-ang, Darna, Captain Barbel, Krystala, including Dyesebel, Marina and Aryana. They were seen fighting along the shorelines of Cambodia to drive away the extraterrestrial invaders.

10:00 - War became bloody.

11:00 - Transformers came to rescue.

12:00 - Human population looks bleak.

13:00 - NASA tried their best to communicate with the invaders.

14:00 - A phone patch from UN headquarter was successfully connected to the invaders spacecraft.

15:00 - Negotiation is in progress.

16:00 - Bill Gates and the worlds elite men tried to help. Invaders didn't buy their ideas.

17:00 - Fighting Ceased but will resume should there be no agreed concrete collateral.

18:00 - Donald Trump came into the picture. He negotiated that Miss Universe will be universe wide and each extraterrestrial being gets a chance to be represented fairly in the annual competition.

19:00 - A Treaty of Rapture is now ready for signing. Manny Pacquiao was called by NASA to represent human civilization. A representative cloaked in black went down and signed the treaty.

20:00 - Invaders promised to send humans aide at reconstruction the destroyed planet. They also promised to send troops equipped with the latest technology at facial reconstruction and building a unique civilization.

21:00 - An annual Miss Universe date was agreed. Logistics was spearheaded by Trump.

22:00 - Citizens now lives in tent. Water and food was partly provided by extraterrestrial through mana.

23:00 - The world was heavily devastated and only one third of its land mass remained.

24:00 - Human civilization prevails. Thanks to Miss Universe.

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