Email nowadays has been a powerful tool to convey personal, business and any form of correspondence.

However, only few amongst its million user has the etiquette and the best manners at using this powerful medium.

In a corporate setting, the moment you hit CTRL + Enter or send can either expand your business or lose millions!

Below are the basic rules unnoticed by corporate slaves:

1. If you are copied in the email (which means your name is under the cc: field), you are not required to reply. You should even be glad you are informed.

2. In sending email notification, make sure those that needs to be informed are under cc: field. Those who are entitled should be under the to: or addressee field.

3. Think twice before hitting the send button and review the contents of your email.

4. Be polite. Be concise and direct to the point in replying to emails.

5. Do not reply if you are not sure of your response.

6. In cases where a unified idea is required, make sure you've asked ideas from others before composing your reponse.

7. In forwarding email notification or FYI, make sure previous internal trails are deleted before forwarding it.

8. Do not reply to all specially if the reply is a yes or no. Send it directly to the sender.

9. Avoid sending spam.

10. Dont use your email if you are stupid in any of the above!

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