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Today Geisha Diaries is going to pave its way to our letter senders. It wasn't until i checked my mailbox i even knew its full!

Here is a Letter from Clark of Cavite.

Dear Geisha,


My name is Clark, 23 from Cavite I'm a fan of your blog and I just wanted to know if you can help me out with my problem.

It all started when I broke up with my ex boyfriend Chris. I was so down emotionally, but despite that, I still managed to put on a show that I'm ok although I'm hurting deep inside. The pain lasted for months. I didn't know how to recover because I loved him so much.

We were in a relationship for 2 years. He gave me alibis and blamed me for everything and broke up with me. That time he had this best friend that he met online and kept on blabbing about even when we're together.  We tried to be casual. After a month of being apart, we decided to have sex. It was so damn passionate on my part. I thought it was gonna be ok, but it didn't.

I dated a lot of guys. But I still can't find that guy who will make my heart beat the same way as Chris did. One day, I saw Mark online, he was the friend of my ex and the three of us met before and had coffee together. He was nice. I like him but not to the point that I would love him so much. He is five years older than me and has this sense of maturity. I still am not decided to say yes to Mark.
After 2 months, I heard from our friends that my ex had a boyfriend. I didn't knew that time who his partner is. I had a conversation via chat with my friend joking that if his partner was his best friend, i will kill them both, and that statement came from a movie meant for humor. Then I heard that it was really his best friend. I didn't know that my ex still has an access to my online accounts despite the fact that I already changed my password. He accessed my conversations with his friends and relatives. He was claiming that he had a death threat from me and we had a terrible arguement. He then challenged me since I told his friend that I can easily get a new partner but still has reservations because I still love Chris.

I decided to have Mark as my partner. He was ok as a boyfriend, but, I still didn't love him as much as I love Chris. It feels as if when I'm saying I love you to Mark, I'm a bit lieing. In my dreams I'm still haunted by my emotions for Chris. Until now, Chris and I are not in good terms.
One day, I had a new officemate, Steve. He is quite cute and straight. He is sitting next to me and I can't help but notice how smart he is, and at the same time has that gorgeous smile. I'm afraid to have this feeling of falling for him. But with his presence, I managed to overcome my longing for Chris. We do not have any romantic relationship, I don't even want that to happen because we treat each other as good friends and co-workers.

Now, I think I was able to get over my emotions for Chris but still not talking to each other, have Mark as my overly possessive partner, and slowly falling for Steve, my straight workmate.
I hope you can help me out with this dilemna.



Hi Clark,

Thanks for the honesty and for trusting Geisha Diaries.

Lets do some stupid analogy.

You once have Chris. Now you have Mark and now you're gradually falling in love with Steve.

Ang ganda mo teh! Ang haba ng hairline mo! lels

The core issue I've seen in this whirlwind dilemma is solely closure. Your love towards Chris might stay forever but if you guys have closure and became civil this LOVE will graduate into something healthy and productive.

You said you were able to get over with Chris, but i don't think so. You will never get over him unless you accept within yourself that you are happy for him and his partner. It hurts, I know. But gradually, that feeling of longingness and partly bitterness will fade.

I do not condone bounce back relationships. Much as I hate "panakip butas". If you said YES to Mark, channel your love and passion on him, not to someone else. You don't want him do the same thing on you, do you? Ang daming naghahanap ng pagmamahal these days Clark. Ang daming nagbabaka-sakaling mahanap nila ang taong magmamahal sa kanila. Pero ikaw, nandiyan na eh! Andun na oh! Anjan ka na sa point na minamahal ka ng bonggang-bongga! The problem is you. Dahil ang ganda mo! Why don't you do me a favor? Try to give Mark a chance in your heart. Try to reserve him a space in your heart. Something secure. Something that he can feel with his bones everytime you're doing it.

Forget Steve.

He is there to distract you. Smile will be smile and intelligent can sometimes be altered. I know you like him, pero magugustuhan ka kaya nya? Will you have security if you give up Mark and follow your longing towards Steve? Steve is a helluva inspiration at work. Keep it that way!

I guess the only reason why you had a sudden interest in your co-worker is displacement. You've seen several attributes that Mark don't possess and you have keep on eyeing on him imagining better things if you both are together. You are classically conditioning your mind together with Steve. Trust me Clark. The more you fall for this guy, the more complicated it'll become as far as relationship is concern. Keep the fire of friendship burning. But don't let it get into your nerves and stop hallucinating bedtime stories with this guy. (lels)

First things first!

Talk to Chris and be friends.

Reciprocate Mark's love on you.

Don't you dare fall in love with Steve. He's just an inspiration and a friend.

Sa susunod na susulat ka, wag mo namang gawing nobela teh. Dinudugo ako! lels



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