The final verdict has come.

Geisha held his laptop and proceed immediately to the conference room where most of the culprits are given their final judgement. But he knew he's not good at this. He's not even fond of letting people go. He hates adieu as much as he hates numbers.

Yeah right numbers.

Afterall, these guys are judged according to their numbers.

And so the one on one session begin!

Feedback, assessment, asked them of any challenges, confirm to them if the understood and off they go.

People are left with only two words.

Words that could either turn their world upside down or inside out.
Words that sometimes kill someone else's dream.
Words that could either create dreams, build a chateau or destroy a sand castle.

You see? This could be done by someone else.

But Geisha holds the final verdict. And so the judgement commence.

It's either you PASS or FAIL.

If you PASS....
  • it's either through sheer dumb luck
  • or the stars in the universe are in line with your zodiac
Then the speech echoed:

"you pass because your attitude is directly proportional with your performance. But the real challenge is yet to come. Prepare for the worst and expect the unexpected. Corporate world is where hipocrisy and idiosyncracy lives. They either eat you up alive or leave you at your desk"

"you fail because something great is waiting for you. The world is huge. Opportunities are unlimited. Find your strength, find your skills, find something that you love doing. Your world should not end where heartaches begin"
And off they went with shrugged shoulders. Geisha was left unattented.

He loved his job.

But these are the moments that made him hate it.
He knew he is better off at saying Congratulations!

But in this case, Goodbye and Goodluck is served in a golden platter!

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