This is Marina Bay Sands (MBS) viewed from my hotel room at Pan Pacific Singapore. Tha architecture is marvelous and its facade, enticing!

Shortly after check-in, i wished part of my itinerary will be a guided tour at that infamous viewdeck! Clearly, we don't have one the checklist. But something came up!

Next schedule is dinner with our boss. I thought it will be in one of our hotel outlets but i was wrong! We walked through Marina Square and head straight to the famous durian structure, Esplanade! From there, I had a better look of MBS and was thrilled by the ship on top of three pillars! From Esplanade, we had to walk straight where the singapore flyer is.

All the while, MBS became bigger and bigger on the picture. We turned right at Youth Olympic Park and lo! we were on the walkway leading to MBS! It was quite a long walk but the weather is fine! Walking was made easy! MBS is a one stop shop for dining, shopping and gambling! Everything was seamless. We head straight to the elevator, press 57 and where on top in less than a minute!
The sight on top their Skypark was a sight to behold. A 360-degree view of Singapore is amazing! The infinity pool is superb. Everything on top is high! Including a bottle of hoegaarden!:)

Was a great experience. Next time, had to stay here to experience the infinity pool! ;)

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