It was quite an exhausting day prior to my 6AM flight off to Changi Airport. But its worth it! Getting on a plane a night after new year is something I'm not so excited of. Primarily because it has been my routine of visiting some friends right after new year to renew friendship and to let them know I'm not a firecracker casualty ;)

But choice is not my timing! I had to fly!

To make things worst, I had to do my routine the night prior to flying. Maximizing every inch of a second. I got the chance to meet Rani. A special friend. Had coffee at Starbucks Columns and proceed late dinner at Ruby's before heading off to NAIA. Exhausting but its worth it.

And now am here!

Touchdown was 10AM. Rush to grab some nom-noms and hit the sack.

The hotel was amazing. It was a hassle free and seamless check-in and everything went well beyond expectations.

I had to do a whole lot of walking to get dinner! A friend suggested i should try chicken rice at Bugis St. The weather is lovely and the time warrants a good stroll.

A great day to start my 10day business trip!

Tomorrow shall be another exciting yet sunrise to sundown event! Am all booked! Heheheh

to be continued...


  1. Happy New Year!!!

    Wow, parang bakasyon sa haba ng stay mo dyan sa SG! Nakakainggit ka! Hehehe... :)

  2. happy new year kuya!

    business trip slash bakasyon...hehehhe gusto ko na nga umuwi eh.. feeling ko isang buwan nko dito!


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