Finally, after a long wait, I was convinced to get my own domain.

It wasn't an easy decision when I could've sticked to blogspot and pay nothing. But i guess it's time to invade the net with my name! LOL My name is not narcissa though.

I started blogging few years ago when blogosphere was full of friendly, accommodating and helpful individuals. They read your post, put comments on it, let you know if you've done some technicalities and above all give advises on how to maximize your full potential and prowess in writing. 

They also give honest commendation on your posts whenever they find it sensible and never failed at giving you their outright inputs.

But i miss those moments.

Those sensible bloggers whom i admired has left blogging, though some has stayed behind limelight.

And I survived. 

Afterall, i don't buy friends from somewhere, i gain them through trust, depth, substance and a whole lot of sense!

This is the reason why I get my domain and i shall remain as low profile as possible. ;)

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