Ladies and Gentleman,

I would like to make a habit to feature great, talented, and interesting blogs everyday!

This will be my advocacy to give credit to bloggers whose expertise not only give info's and ideas but also touched lives!

I've known this guy  during the conception of "Rainbow Blog Philippines". It was a year of limelight and a year of supernova when the emergence of gay bloggers are to the multitude. These are bloggers who not only blog from someone else's G-Spot, but blogging from the heart.

This Blog features numerous details about gay advocacy and events. It highlights topics not common on coffee shops nor salons. It tackles sensitive issues in the most fashionable way.

A must read for people of all gender.

The choice we have isnt whether to be gay or straight..The real choice is between denial and embracing who we are. The real choice is between living life in the shadows or walking proudly in the light.The real choice is between a slow death and an honest life.."-Adam Bouvier

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