When I was young, whenever asked what I wanted to be when i grow up, I always dreamed of flying. Although it is impossible for us humans to fly, I later understood that my dream job is something that requires travel.

It wasn't until lately that I had a chance to fulfill tidbits of thine dream when my current job requires travel.

April this year when I went to Melbourne in a flash! It was a short business trip and I made sure i leave no stone unturned. I made almost every bit of the travel memorable.

I have had several domestic travels posted in my blog. But those posts aren't so enticing and sumptuous because I don't get a chance to check every hotel's F&B section. Although, my business requires hotel inspection, it's strictly confined to meetings, cocktails, more meetings and a little tour.

As the year 2011 pave its way to a more exciting 2012, Geisha will do another yet exciting trip to Singapore. This will involve inspection of probably 3 hotels within our range of properties and some tours and sightseeing perhaps! Yeah, am not sure yet because I ain't to mix it with pleasure! LOL

I shall blog about it soon. But for now, let the picture shows some glimpse of it!

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