The Untold Stories of Jorge Ejercito.
I met Jorge a year ago when we were both hired to work for Hilton. His silence despite his stature as Ejercito was very intriguing. Thus, Geisha and his Friends did their homework but to no avail.

He is a fun loving guy and spends no more than any dull moments.

But something tragic took place that very night when i was celebrating my natal day.

Of course buhay pa si Jorge at lalong hindi ito tribute sa isang kaibigang namayapa! (lels)

It was a night of my bigday celebration spent in our colleagues pad when something unexpected broke everybody's drunk moments. I had left for a hearty massage that night and the rest goes on tickling their throats with alcohol.

Jorge called. It was a deafening cry. A child looking for comfort. Somehow out of control and desperately wanting an immediate resolution. 

The rest were puzzled. 

It wasn't until everyone arrives at his place they even knew they defy the law of mileage and distance, cutting the hour trip from Makati to his place by half.

It was devastating. A child in solitude finds comfort and solace to the most unexpected angels in wee hours of the night. Angels who were apparently drunk. Angels who defies the speed of light to help Jorge and save his life in the process.

Few months passed and Jorge had recovered from the pains and wounds of what humans called LOVE. Baboons called it LUST. (lels)

Like a recuperating cancer patient who wished no more than living a longer life, his recovery as far as my recollection is concern, was tremendously fast. Too fast that i haven't noticed how he'd been over the next few months.

It was both a plan of luck and hope that we've decided to check other greener pasture. Like a celebration of beauty and brains, like a screening of over one thousand candidates vying for the Miss Universe title. It was unfortunate though that he didn't make it.  If it wasn't through him, I shan't be here fulfilling my dreams of getting a Geisha World Tour for free. Hehehehhe 

My friend Thank you.

Today, I gave thee credit for the beauty thine possessed! 
In the truest sense of it, you deserve nothing but the best.

Now that you've finally completed your metamorphosis, let the fluidity of your prowess elude every man, woman and child. Let your beauty defies every law of nature. Let your substance keep you away from doing yet another terrible things in your lovelife.

I warn thee, thou shan't do it again because your angels are now in heavens!

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