I was so motivated to work that Tuesday morning thus I leave too early.

The weather was perfect and I was so confident at taking my time taking PUJ.

And then the camera started rolling.

I was in the middle of the right bench when passengers flooded the jeep. Since its a public vehicle, I can't complain no matter how congested the seats are, nor how stinky those baboons in this young morning.

To make the story short, bumaba ako sa jeep and it wasn't even after three steps that i noticed my pocket was already empty. That stinky baboon beside me stole my ID's and phone. Kelangan ko pa naman yung fon na yun! 

Pero am still thankful yun lang ang kinuha. Sana wala sa mga kasabayan ko ang ninakawan pa.

I still have faith that no matter how hard they try to work for a living, kahit Bangko Sentral pa ang nakawan nila, they would still remain paupers!

Mabaho, dugyot, kawawa....basura!

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