A prolific trainer chance upon me one foggy morning while I was burning my lungs. She had talked about re-training some employees to address metrics that goes beyond key performance indicator (KPI). It's a serious task for her and I wanted to help. 

True enough, she asked my valuable opinion as to the causes of why these KPI's either went down or up. I was caught off guard. Am supposed to keep my mouth shut especially during these days when the convention of the demi-gods is on halt. 

It wasn't until I told her they should boost employees morale, I even knew I've got too far!

I have been a slave for 7 years. Say, a corporate slave to make it sound more euphemistic. Having worked with several organizations and companies that promises greener pasture, I made a realization that people come and go not because of compensation. As for my case, I leave a company primarily due to advancement, both in position and stature, responsibility and opportunity within the job offered.

In BPO industry (call center jobs included), the most common source of attrition, absenteeism and low productivity is the diminishing morale of its employees.

According to Smart Entrepreneur "Building morale in the workplace is one of the bigger challenges faced by organizations today. This is because of the problems and costs of retaining employees. While many complain that people go where the money is, studies show otherwise."

What are the symptoms of low morale in an organization?
  • If there is constant whining among your employees
  • When your employees aren't smiling
  • When employees believe their efforts and accomplishments are not appreciated.
  • When employees are not informed with company changes and procedures.
  • When employees drag their feet for work.
  • Unstable financial health of the company
  • Overwork or a consistently heavy workload
  • Demanding, rigid supervision that is too involved in the work being done
  • Unsupportive, weak supervision that does not offer enough input or guidance
Why is it important to address morale issues in an organization?

Absence of morale leads to reduced productivity, absenteeism and dissatisfaction among staff. In a business minded organization where numbers and statistics are priorities, top management most common mistake is by addressing the numbers in an instant. These numbers however are merely product of a low morale which, if not addressed clearly and accurately, may jeopardize a business operation and maybe very contagious.

To further examine the topic, written below are the the causes why most employees moral standing became low:

  • Employees do not see growth.
  • They are not well compensated in terms of rewards and or appreciation.
  • Their skills are maximized to its full potential without compliments.
  • They see tremendous attrition yet no new people are added.
  • Employees are doing task beyond their job description.
  • Company benefits does not meet their realistic needs.
  • Employees are treated as servants not as humans.
  • Human Resource personnel are not accommodating and intimidating.
  • They don't see support from their immediate boss.
It would be unfair if I won't include the tips and solutions to these problem. Supervisors, Managers and support team in an organization like HR should be responsible in boosting employees morale.

Here are few tips that might help:
  1. Respect every individuals difference and honor them. - let them feel that they are human beings not robots. Avoid using 'you do this' and 'that'. Try using 'let's do this and that'. Find ways in recognizing some personal matters like birthdays or anniversaries and create a small surprise for them. Putting a 'post it' birthday greetings on his/her desk won't cost you a fortune!
  2. Encourage them to create a vision - look at them as contemporaries not as a threats. Spend time with them in discussing what they want to achieve on the course of their employment. Keep track on employees achievement and let them know if they go beyond their track.
  3. Ask their opinion - most organizations and companies have suggestion boxes for creative input. If you don't have the luxury in soliciting ideas, at least these boxes could help.Try to incorporate these ideas even if you need to fine-tune some. And don't forget to recognize people who made the most effort!
  4. Show them their stats - keep them on track of what they're doing. Lay them their numbers and performance. Motivate them to do more effort on areas that need be. In turn, you are helping them reach their personal goals and this will play a great role in the organization.
  5. Keep it light - a working atmosphere that is too strict and traditional can kill the creative minds of employees. Inject humor on some announcement. Make it visual and make it appealing to employees.

Keep in mind that: 

Nothing diminishes productivity as much as diminishing morale.
Nothing raises productivity as quickly and as cheaply as boosting morale.

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