Too all avid readers of Geisha Diaries, I am knocking your kind heart to spare a minute of your time reading this post and share your blessings for baby Kurt.

It was on the 2nd of April of this year (2011) when we learned the devastating news that our son Isaiah Kurtis Mangohig has Acute Lymhoblastic Leukemia - a dreaded and fatal blood disorder 

Our son is just 1 year old and we just can't understand how in the world at his age, he would suffer such fate, As parents, we were so devastated. We just can't measure the pain we felt every time we saw him taking the unwanted medicines and undergoing his due treatment. The doctors and the medical staff tried their best to ease the pain however it is still painful and traumatic.

A lot of times, we wonder if we could just have the illness instead so to spare our son from all the pain. If there's only a way, we would; without a blink. Who would want to see their child suffer? Who would like to see their child crying in excruciating pain? There's nothing else we could do but cry and pray.

After the series of tests and medication we have observed that our son is really trying to hang on, we saw courage and hope in his eyes. I mentioned to my wife, "If Kurt is fighting, why can't we?" That's why we exhaust all means to help him regain strength and face the battle for Leukemia. Apparently, we need prayers and funding to support his cause. We are just an ordinary family. My wife and I are both employed however the costs for his medicines and chemo therapy are too expensive for us to afford; even our combined salary are not enough.

We were advise to set aside 8,000 pesos every session, and our son is required 3 sessions a week for the next three years.

We really wanted him to complete his treatment and survive, for him to live a normal life again without restriction or too much caution. We would like to appeal in your good heart to help us in his campaign to fight Leukemia.

PLEASE HELP OUR SON, Isaiah Kurtis Mangohig.

Joseph Noel Mangohig (Father)
Maria Madonna Mangoihg (Mother)

For donations

Please deposit it at:

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Account Name: Maria Madonna Mangohig
Account Number: 1509014562

You can also reach baby Kurt's parents at these number:
Noel - 09166482294 
Donnie - 09228480354

Any form of help will be highly appreciated.
Please walk the talk.

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