It was almost 8 at night. None of the Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympush came.

Zuescha checked his hour glass to make sure its Saturday. Indeed! 

It was heavily raining that night in Chateau du Luminae. A sign of tears from god in heavens who can't make it to convene with the penultimate powers. Many were called but only few were chosen. Zuescha sent his messenger to the gods and goddesses a day prior. But still, it was deem a short notice hence the others cancelled.

An owl came. Garb in pink Persian robe. Zuescha knew someone infamous is coming. A pink smoke covered the hallway and Gerarda the goddess of becky appeared in such fashionably manner that even his immortal clothing remains hidden with his semi perfect transfiguration. For Zuescha, Gerarda is more mortal than the rest of his dominion.

Rain still pours heavily. 

A huge thunder echoed the grand hallway. Gerarda was a bit shaken by its decibels. A dove flew into Zeuscha's shoulder and whispered like a god. Something went wrong. He immediately summoned Pegasus and asked Gerarda to pick up an important guest at the foot of the mountain. Gerarda can transform into a horse himself but he chose to hop into Pegasus.

Lightning strike. And there cried Pegasus carrying Gerarda and Carthena the goddess of purity in a platinum chariot. What transpired to be a an incident appears to be a routine. Pegasus remains still waiting for Zuescha's order. On and off he went at the foot of the mountain waiting for the other powers to come.

Thunder roared like merlion (chos). All three knew Roshwa is coming. The god of obit remains silent along  his journey through Mount Olympush. It was neither detected by Zeuscha nor by Hermes the messenger. He looked fresh despite heavy rain. 

They were about to start the feast when a phoenix flew over the table onto her favorite seat. The chair could've  turned to ashes had it not been made of diamonds. The phoenix transform herself and the goddess of bobilya showed herself in a worldly outfit. Too perfect for a mortal yet too far to be a goddess. But Zuescha don't mind. He know exactly how Ruades' was formed. 90 % boobs and 10% bones. Making her the penultimate symbol of beauty.

The feast began.

Then a sumptuous exchange of drinks. Carthena managed to serve the others. Two were down along the course of the feast. There were several distractions from humans who seek help from the gods and goddesses. It was Carthena's night. These Humans have no place in Olympush.

And then the whining starts. 

But the rule is clear. 

What transpired in Mount Olympus remains on my

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