Heavy wind breeze.   Raging, humaharurot. Along with the wind blowing and the mist of the sky reflect the sunlight dala'y hope and liwananag rogue parched and thirsty in the heat and embrace King day.
Still the clock cycle, the earth on its axis.
Hot morning.   Uphill the day. Same time the expansion of consciousness in the world while gradually shone all around. Reflect the image of real life. Many destitute, afflicted, vagrant and punished. No eating, homeless, as if no tomorrow waiting. Although hard, still continuing their steep, fall and pagbaon in mud while some were lying, wasting money, wasting and continued feasting on the living grace of the creator.
Still can not resist the rotation of the world.
As the rising sun's rays are soldiers from the fierceness of it. The previously valued its golden rays on the skin curse now dumampi. No concealed all his revenge. His rebellion against those who previously helped NYA. Heat nakakahimatay, nakakasulasok and nakakauhaw. Adam intends race with masilungan heat carrying it but even nature is sumasabay as the rebellion of King day. Poses a severe fear of sansinupol. Poses a flood, hurricane, earthquake and death!
Shall cover sunset.
Ringing the insects and the chicken is nagsagutan to pagtilaok. Cold air. Signs of a peaceful night, deep rest. But here is still the seed of Eve and seeking subsistence hunger. In the hallway and lane they are in line with dead-sinding light and only scanty cloth just naked. They resemble frogs farm nakikipagharutan to each other to cover increased during twilight while rolling the tongue for passing insects to magkalaman stomach. Smell of perfume and light touch of different colors on their faces the only nagpapatapang their stomach and their faces to nagpapakapal masikmura and establish their "L" to life.
John was still hungry. Along with outlining newspaper mahihigaan, desire is still hope and liwananag carrying a new day. Unlikely, no destination! Only hold the remaining sanity in the brain   any monument from now   is lost as well.
Prolong the search again for Basilio and Crispin!

This was an old post entitled "Isang Gabing Tigang" posted on July 11, 2008
Walang silbi ang translator! Kakaloka...

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