It was a blessing in disguise when the leave i asked was approved. Deep within the confines of my rebellious mind though, with or without approval, I'd still have to go. It is when your bags are packed and your itin's set. Too pathetic if it gets cancelled!

Long travel gives me unparalleled delight while short travel makes me tick. My 7hour trip was too perfect!

It was almost 2am when I got there. I had a 6:30PM departure time from Pasay onboard Victory Liner.

The town was literally asleep. But I'm expecting something else come morning. Bayombong is an educational town. Students from nearby provinces of Isabela and Ifugao flocks to this area primarily for educational purposes. Thus, school uniforms in almost all colors are frequent sights during weekdays.

As a town that's landlocked, access to open sea will take about 13 hours drive to Baler in the nearby province of Aurora. But it didn't keep locals and visitors from swimming as the town had half a dozen of privately owned resort that's ideal for kids, family, friends and even for couples eyeing for romantic getaway.

Sights are fantastic! Mountains of different slopes and shapes forms a picturesque landmark and the Povincial Office grounds takes pride in a man-made canal similar to that of Venice and draws local and visitors alike for   a relaxing feel!

The week vacation was amazing. I get a chance to talk to strangers, envibe their culture, tastes local delicacies and of course experience their sights and sounds!

It was on my third day when i decided to check for local history. An interest that's been within my DNA, still unaltered despite influence! And so i checked.

Antique abode are still visible.Some are well preserved others are suffering from the test of times. But you could tell by the way it looks that they have been part of a huge history. A rich culture that was well prepared and taken cared of.

People are accommodating. Learning basic Ilocano is an advantage. While the province boost with pride on its local attractions, i find it disappointing that they don't have a local produce for some souvenirs at least.

If you are a party goer, nightlife in the neighbor town of Solano is very active. And Vizcayanos knows how to party hard!

It was a week of amazing experience. A week yet too short to get out of the hustles of imperial manila (as con_yap put it that way).

But I had a great time! I spent my birthday with them. And it could've not come into fruition without Lorie from whence my gratitude rest!

PS. I'll post all the museum and antique house pics if given a chance of downtime. 


  1. si lori, si lori, si lori nlang lagi ang friend mo, hummp!

    (bwahahhaa inarte?)

  2. hahahahha bruha ka!
    busy ka kasi chasing pavements! lol

  3. I was there two years ago and i was impressed. Unfortunately i had no time to visit it very well because i was there for only two days, but i hope to visit it again very soon. I recommend this place, it is very nice.


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