The current debate of RH Bill amongst pro-life and the proponents has been very chaotic and controversial. 

Thus, I shan't keep my stand complicated. We shall make it simple for better understanding.

House Bill No. 96, also known as the proposed "Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2010," will cover the following areas: 
  • midwives of skilled attendance 
  • emergency obstetric care
  • access to family planning
  • maternal death review
  • family planning supplies as essential medicines
  • benefits for serious and life-threatening reproductive health conditions
  • mobile health care service
  • mandatory age-appropriate reproductive health and sexuality education 
  • responsibility of local family planning office and certificate of compliance
  • capability building of barangay health workers
  • ideal family size
  • employers' responsibilities
  • multi-media campaign
  • implementing mechanisms
  • reporting requirements
  • prohibited acts
  • penalties 
PinoyBuzz  has given a satirical yet brave opinion about the issue. One quote that puzzled me though is the question he posed.

"Why is the gay community backing the reproductive health bill? Do they reproduce?"

True enough! People like us (PLU's) do not reproduce. But there's something within the community that could sink a thousand ship. And that is our adaptability to any changes!

Compared to the generation ahead of us, modern day PLU's are more concern about political, economic, health issues and etc. We are more concern about what's happening around us. We don't have selfish motives like these politicians have nor personal desires to gain popularity or gain revenue out of it.

Simply because we don't just think outside the box.
We are ripping off the box!

Seriously though, what is it about this bill that made me so interested?

The bill itself is interesting. According to CBCP, it defies the law of christianity. For me, it defies their law of personal agenda. They're afraid there shall be less church goers cutting the fruits of mass offering!

Not only curbing population growth. I believe, with proper implementation and sustainability of RH Bill (once a law) will definitely promote responsible parenthood creating a strong family in the process.

For every man, woman and child!


  1. Modern science confirms that contraceptive pills causes breast cancer, even Cabral admits this... thus even an iota of doubt for this bill is fair enough.... pills must not be commercialized and must be exposed of its whole ability.


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