Arnel has been featured on Geisha Diaries several times primarily due to some memories that’s too huge to keep on my mind. These are memories that defies our dull moments together and made us proud of who we are. Despite the weight of ‘memorabilia’, i have it posted on this page for easy recollection.
Somehow, these posts are my refuge whenever i miss him or the memories i had with this long lost friend.
He went to London to visit the queen but it appears he became a ‘queen’ herself!
I was browsing on our group page at facebook when something worth blogging (for myself at least) pops up!
I completely blacked out i can’t remember a thing.
Sa tagalog, nagdilim ang aking paningin.
Sa bisaya, gitukgan kog kabuhi. J
It wasn’t until later when i was hitting my keyboard i even knew i was posting about her again!
..a continuation of Before and After beauties.
..but definitely not a ‘salamat doc’ beau.
Natural. Virginal. Exoctic and fresh!


  1. hahahaha...kalami ba ani niya....

  2. ang ganda niya!!! talbog lahaT!!


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