Gandang Gabi Vice aired their second episode last night.
It was graced by no less than Piolo Pascual, Kristine Reyes and Gerald Anderson.
Overall, the show was informative, entertaining, hilarious and has a homey appeal.
Their were several revelations last night. Gerard being ophiophobia. Kristine being ‘pa-sweet’. And Vice having seen Piolo for the first time.
I am not a fan of comedy. I’d appreciate political sattire than slapsticks. But until now, am still puzzled by how shows under this genre made me glued on the telly!
Prolly because I’ve been single since 2000 and late and the only thing that makes me laugh are shows on TV.LOL  But my personal affairs are out of the question.
Vice Ganda changed my perception on gay commedian and I love her for doing that! I’ve been into LGBT advocacy for a while now and my dreams of putting an LGBT icon on national TV has made into fruition because of her.
There were several occasions when straight men acted gays on tv shows and movies for the sake of entertainment. It may be entertaining but still, there’s something lacking in its essense.
With the inlfux of several political and social issues we have now, we are fortunate that shows like this became our sole refuge in moments where we could barely distinguish sanity from being sane.
Hopefully, in ten years time, more gay substance will arise and come into power. We need more of Vice Ganda’s depth and nonsense. PLU’s should rule in a manner that is dignified, honorable, respectable and profound.
But for us to do so, we need to do a lot of brain reconstruction! :P

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  1. vie tend to be OA at forced when he do his spiel......tired or maybe out already of new things to show......?


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