We're supposed to start the show with a prayer. But since am an agnostic, I shall leave you the comfort of saying your own prayer after the last word in this entry is uttered!

These are few observations collected from reliable sources to further facilitate nationalism, self-change and behaviour modification. Needless to say, it shall be a long term goal for me na sana matauhan ang mga taong pasaway, reklamador at higit sa lahat alang utang na loob sa bansang sinilangan!

OFW's are considered 'bagong bayani' as they have generated billions of pesos through remittance. Kudos to them. But the challenging part is on how their hard earned dollars or pounds or dirhams changed their brains to that of an ant!

Nagiging mayabang sila! Pinagmamayabang nila ang kinikita nila. Some are even comparing other's notes. Sa sobrang yabang nila, nakakalimutan nilang hindi maganda sa mata at pandinig ang pinaglalalagay nilang mga fruits of their kayabangan on FB and other social networking sites.

We should on the other hand forgive them for their deprivation. Perhaps poverty and ignorance didn't spare their childhood.

But we can always remind them to keep their feet on the ground!

One of the reasons why our suicide rate is at its minimum compared to other countries is due to our versatility. We never run out of positive thoughts whenever a problem comes in nor run out of alibis for rationalization.

But someone has to pay his dues! I came across these two guys who came from i dunno where! They keep on complaining how humid the country is. They kept on comparing the prices and I was told that they brag the weight of their dollars to that of a peso. I was too annoyed but still in congenial disposition to ask them where they from. And they have been kind enough to answer my trebuchet! They worked abroad for 6 months.

Yes! That's half a year and they already despise the country! They were not even thankful that once in their lifetime they were fed by the kangkong at kamote na tumutubo sa lupa ng Pilipinas.

Now thats a perfect hypocrisy!

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