Earthquakes, civil war, oil price hike, political turmoil, economic instability, rape, murders, conflicts around the world, flood, etc.

These are the most frequently discussed topics on our news screen today! Despite stories that tackles human development, it is inevitable that positivity is more often covered with so much negativity around us.

There has been a lot of events for 2011. Is this a prologue for the infamous 2012 doomsday?

Why not?

If we are going to track these events in the history of our planet, it appears that Mayan civilization has made a brilliant discovery. Clearly, one underestimated the others. The topic may be debatable but my opinion is consistent.

Middle East and Northern Africa is now facing another yet world war in the making. Uprising from Tunisia leads to another upheaval in neighboring countries. Egypt, Yemen, Libya and now Saudi Arabia. France has already declared its allegiance to the rebels of Libya recognizing their power as the true government of this erring nation. If other countries won't interfere, surely, a war beyond our imagination will occur. This is going to be the fruition of all predictions that traces its roots on the Book of Revelation, Mayans and Nostradamus.

With the advent of technology that we have now, it is undeniable that Earth will face his greatest nemesis. Nuclear war is gradually becoming very essential when two Koreas started their brawl.

Four leaders from powerful countries will be killed in a civil war. Nation against nation for the sake of survival. There will be scarcity all over. Countries on the margin of poverty will be plagued with hunger and debris of nuclear war.

World War 3 will start in Saudi Arabia when the king failed to gain support from allied powers killing hundred of thousand in the process.

Earth's crust is also in motion. A nature's way of meddling with the affairs of its inhabitants. Earthquake will deminish some lands along the pacific. The map of Asia will be changed. Volcanic eruption and tsunami will cover most dry lands in Asia.

World War 3 is not purely initiated by humans. Nature's catastrophy played a great role in the annihilation of humankind!

A disaster beyond your imagination will occur. And we can't stop it from happening this year.

My clock alarmed in its old fashion way. It's almost 6am. And I am late. Definitely!

It was such a detailed dream.

Kaya ako late!

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