In the context of recent events involving conflicts in the Middle East and Northern Africa as well as some natural calamities that devastated New Zealand and Japan, I would like to challenge everyone to do their share.

Though several countries have already answered the call for help, our individual contribution for these turmoil will greatly help. Let us be vigilant! Let us be patient. And above all let us offer our deepest condolences and prayers to everyone affected and for our future that will surely suffer its effect.

To the world leaders from whence our hopes and faith resides, can only pray for them, so that god may grant them light and peace, moving their hearts so that they will decide, implement and create solutions to the problem of our generation.

We cannot hide the fact that these tribulations have caused great sorrow and moral suffering to us and others. Let us not bear no ill will towards nature and to those who are evil, and wish rather to unite our suffering to christ.

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