Am not supposed to do another "Featured Becky of the Week" too soon.

But I guess this is just in time for another yet marvelous upheaval of other becky's out there.

And I shan't keep you waiting. Here is another gigantic feature that'll sure make your world a petite place to live.

His name is Emman. A shortened version of Emmanuel which means "god is with us".

I used to work with him at Hilton Worldwide and now at Pan Pacific Hotels.

We are among the first batch who decided to leave the company at all cost. And for him, his resignation with Hilton is worth his weight!

Quick facts:
  • that his name appeared on the bible thrice only? Two times in Isaiah and once in the Gospel of Matthew.
  • he can't live without his fave sites. I mean websites. I shan't name names!lol
  • he is among the silent type of morons behind. Keeping himself occupied at all times.
  • he came from Zamboanga city and now lived in Malate.
  • he is one gigantic masterpiece with petite demeanor!
  • he can't live without biting his nails. (lol)
  • his beau is highly in demand for the current becky market.
  • he likes men with baby face.
  • loves excapades that are out of any dictionary or encyclopedia.

But since it's his big day today, we shall keep the rest on our next feature presentation.

Happy Birthday Ella!

Mag diet ka ng malala!:P
The list goes on....

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