Amazon is selling Burlesque at 22.99 USD. Kaloka... Tumaas clit pressure ko...

Few days ago, Meriam asked me if i could join him at MoA primarily to watch this film. Unfortunate as it was, the cinema was closed already for the final show. I decided to sleep and he went on with his quest...for aheeemmm... :P

Everything about Burlesque was then forgotten until recently.

I was busy searching for food on the mountainfull of garbage last night. I haven't mastered the art of scavenging for quite a while and with some little help, I managed.

There was a lot of pauper alongside the wet cement alley. The cold afternoon breeze pave its way to the diffusion of sweat, armpit, soil, socks, and the forever classic stink of fish. Smoke from grilled bowel will sure make a good liniment as it enters your nostrils down to your esophagus. A combination of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane, and hydrogen sulfide will sure be sa good as pepper spray as you let go of this subtance thru your anus!

Walkways are as tight as wearing spandex to keep your balls from splitting in two. Yells of ricksaw like transport echoed your earlobes as you push yourself from one butt to someone elses pubes! The sight alone was exhausting. But I dont want to die because of my procrastination. Eating these days made me easily bored yet I don't have a choice! So I have to go out while I have strength to the - wet market!

After few kicks and couple of backstrokes, I finally got what my liver desires!

At this point am feeling dizzy. My brain started to lose a bulk amount of oxygen. I want to rush home. But the place is still crowded and pushing oneself to these crocs will sure tear your wardrobe till you get naked. Rushing yet mindful. Then, something fancy caught my big brown beautiful eyes.[wink]

A DVD stand! aheeemmm...

A pirated DVD stand!

The attendant was accomodating trying to step a finger forward but commencing a conversation is not my type so I remained silent and my hands busy to pick a dvd of my like.

Eureka!!! Burlesque!

I felt a little bit of energized. So hyper that I managed to get out of the crowd with my wardrobe intact and my undies still on. Am finally home....

Little did I know, I was already glued on the telly.

And my hunger?

Its lost!

Because of a DVD worth 30 pesos.

A pirated one with superb quality!

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