AX Spring 2007 Collection (392x72)
Hi Geri,

I was so happy that we finally get a cance to talk online after 3 years of no communication. I was so worried, I even thought of calling your mom to make sure your safe. Judging by the way you talk yesterday, you seems to be very fulfilled and contented in what you have now. I couldn't wish for more but for you and your new found love and your doggy to be very happy. It was stranged though how a piggy like you produces such a beautiful doggy! hahahahah What a miracle isn't it? But seeing you after 3 years is more than a miracle for me too!
Your a living legend Geri. I cant believe you survived ozone disco.. hehehe
I miss your beauty regimen. I knew how vain you were back then. You wont spend a night without wearing your favorite facial creams and some beauty secrets. But whatever it is that your using at the moment, just keep it. Satisfied nko sa perla at surf :)
You keep safe my old friend.
May the good lord bless you specially your new boyfriend.. heheheh

I would gladly accept your wedding invitation....

I hope i'd see you soon... but please let me know ahead of time.. ayokong ginugulat ako.. may sakit ako sa puso!

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