AX Spring 2007 Collection (392x72)People often fears death for so many reasons.

Primarily, and as a general alibi (as i call it), because they have not fulfilled their mission in life.

Marahil gasgas na ang rason na ito subalit makatotohanan. The funny thing is, you don't have to lay your mission's blueprint and then go for it.

While it is true that sudden death may be startling, knowing that you haven't seen someone bedridden, being surprised by knowing someone's dead is not a valid emotion! Unang-una, we will all head towards that way. Nagkataon nga lang na nauna sila sa atin. Death is part of nature's order of things. May mabubuhay, may mamamatay. Our bodies will have a so called expiration date.

Living for me is like leaving a legacy to mankind. We were born in this world entwined with specific job description. Not only that we should earn a degree to fulfill such job, even dull and ignorant has some share too!
In a deeper sense, we should always make sure that we had leave even a minute footprint for a day. It could either be little things that may not leave a bigger impact to others. Helping others cross the pedestrian or giving directions to lost individual may be too little for an achievement but I believe that maybe your purpose of waking up that same morning!

I always put it this way:

Do not plan for tomorrow. Just make sure you had done something great for the day!

At least when you die that day, you have something to share to your creator if asked what you've done before your last breath!

And ohh i almost forgot, make sure your funeral arrangement has been set!

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