My days at work for the past two weeks was by far the best although exhausting at times. I keep telling my colleagues to keep themselves sane at the workplace, thus, I too needs to be sane despite stress and sometimes depression.

My week started with some splashes of responsibility and some blings of attachments. I could've been in Australia last week but because my passport was not processed on time, the company sent someone on my behalf instead. Am cool with that! There are still other places to go. Canada is next then Seattle then planet Mars. All I need to do is choose! I wish!

Since 2 were gone for a business trip in Australia, I needed to do multitasking. Submit attendance reports to workforce, sends end of day to corporate office and watch little kids on the floor! Exciting isn't it???

Come Thursday last week, our client from Japan arrives. Mizuho-san was a very dedicated woman who loves her craft and job. She gave us knowledge in perfecting our job at the same time teaching us the run around of reservation.
And since am a geisha by heart, we easily get along with. Thus, I volunteered myself to be her guide while she's on a business trip. For a foreigner and as a woman at that, I had her rode the jeep! No if's no but's! She is not a picky woman though. ON her first day, I had her ate longganiza at the company pantry for lunch. Kaya nung sumunod na araw, nilibre nya ko sa serendra ng Italian food! Hehehe

I had fun with her. Hindi sya maarte. I even brought her to Palawan Bar in Cubao where all gay in the metro flies during the night! It was an awesome night! I had her ate lenggua or ox tongue, sisig, chicharong bulaklak and other filipino delights! She enjoyed it though.

And since its my days off over the weekend, I want to relax myself and forget about work, work and work!

Time to sleep and hibernatE!

Enjoys ur weekends guys!


  1. Hi Geisha

    Sounds like you had fun playing tourist guide! Thats one of the things I love to do too--I love to show off the Philippines. :)

    PS, back to blogging after a long unintentional hiatus! Cheers.:)

  2. eeeekkkk, pig's tongue kaya yun, bwahahahahah

  3. @Gyspy

    that was a loong hiatus indeed! you've been out of the limelight.. hehhehe

    glad ur back...

    i could've showed her the real manila but due to time constraints, i have only shown her 'some'.. she's so happy that she will be back next month for a vacation not a business trip.. hehhe

  4. @clio

    mare, i forgot.. pig's toungue pala dapat... kea lang natatakot ako bka isumpa ako ng hapon...hahahah


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