By: Ruby Ann Bustinera

There is a point in time when we wan't to escape from the pressure of everything around us. But what is it that keep us going even when we are tired and exhausted? Is it the idea or is it the reality that makes us strive harder? No one knows because we have our own individual indifferences.

Each day people does not notice the paces of change, not because they do not wan't to but because they are too busy minding little details around them. It is blatantly ignored by everyone who is so tired and deranged from problems. We tend to curse our boss, our priorities and even ourselves from bringing us in a drastic situation where we need to push ourselves into the limit, but have you ever realized and have you ever been greatful  about the things that motivates us to do something meaningful and useful?

What if you found yourself sitting in your desk and doing nothing?
What if you woke up one morning and you cant get up from your bed even if you tried to?
And most terribly what if you can do absolutely nothing even if you want to?

There are things that we need to do and pay attention to. There are things that we tend to ignore despite their importance. So why can't we make ourselves useful in the sense that we can produce something good, something worthwhile, something that might be handy in the future. Do not waste your time from doing nothing. Find something to do even if you don't feel like it because you will never know until its too late for you to realize that from doing nothing you can achieve absolutely nothing.

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