Deep within the confines of my solitude, i came across a promiscous fellow whom I am starting to admire. Not because of being one but because behind her silence lies a deep blue sea of emotions that only the Geisha and his readers could fathom. Allow me to introduce to you, my colleague from Hilton Worldwide, in full regalia! Here's a sample of her depth and substance scribbled through poems that would surely stir your emotions!

'Your reflection in my eyes that were there for years..
must've been swept away with so many tears.."


by ~babae-sa-bintana ( Rachel Anne Perez)
February 25, 2002
16 : 22 – 17 : 08

The first time we met, oh how you loved my eyes!
You said those were reflections of you & your lies..
-- my eyes that would have said it all..
    my eyes that would have made you fall.

-- one night, while in slumber, I dreamt of thee..
you were the prettiest flower I longed to see.
I was just a caterpillar crawling to you..
waiting for the day when soon I can have you.

The next day, I tried to get out and look for you..
I wandered around and I saw you blue.
The prettiest flower I've seen is about to die..
while I was a proud butterfly, flying up high.

Struggling to hold on, you looked so weak..
you said something which made me felt like a geek.
"You came in too late", was all you were able to say..
as the wind blew you off, you lost your way.. –

I saw you staring at me as I opened my eyes.
Thank God it was just a dream, I felt so nice.
You were weeping as you came near & asked me..
"Where's my reflection in your eyes where it used to be?"

I answered, "I'm sorry dear, I must've cried so hard..
when you left me before and broke my heart.
Your reflection in my eyes that were there for years..
must've been swept away with so many tears.."

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  1. thank you for the intro. but i don t agree at all on me being promiscuous.

    :characterized by or involving indiscriminate mingling or association, esp. having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis.

    see? i d say, i m more like a social butterfly. it s better. or if you wanted to say i m casual and indiscriminate, uhm.. leave it at that :D

    andaeng sinabe :D

    thanks again

  2. hahahhaha that was an awesome definition! kudos to meriam though.. hahhaha

    your welcome dear!

    write some more i wont be tired posting it here!

    you got a lot of literary nerves and juices!

    keep them coming... its better than sex!


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