It was a perfect timing to steal the scene of the worlwide press. An event so gigantic that overshadowed the camaraderie of Miss Universe pageant!

This was supposed to be a show of cops! A version of La Fille du Regiment turned bloody and gross. Not some french pheasants, but innocent Chinese tourist enticed by the beauty of our country who turned out to be their deathbed!
I dragged my feet to work tonight knowing that i should be watching news as another page in our history is about to unfold another bloody pages.

And yet, despite heavy downpour and deafening thunderstorm and lightning that would hit your skull anytime, I remain true to my promise to a country I love. A promise I called - my contribution to the country's economy.

But tonight, I ask myself the sincerity of that promise. I ask myself how long I will endure my little contribution to a country that made me proud for a minute and gives me shame for a lifetime.

The whole world was glued on their monitor for 12 hours. The longest real life drama that cost no visual effects or empty bullets. An empty street converted itself into a theatre stage where casts are not preassigned nor underwent a rigid audition. Cast were handpicked and props were real objects. Exactly 10:35 the morning of August 23, cameras all over the world starts rolling!

For the men in uniform, this is the time to redeem themselves from scandals of misconduct and brutality, one of their peers committed at least 2 weeks ago. Little did they know, the lead is also one of them.

This was supposed to be a show of cops! A version of La Fille du Regiment turned bloody and gross. Not some french pheasants, but innocent Chinese tourist enticed by the beauty of our country turned deathbed!

There was neither Duchess or some butlers. Not a sight of some political figure trying to be a middleman pretending to be empathic to the claims of a man who is at the peak of his idealism. Clearly our government lacks negotiation skills. There was an evidence of miscalculation and assumptive presumptions. They underestimated Mendoza. When someone is hopeless and his' voice unheard, clearly he will lose the sanity and the sanctity of life. Some maybe suicidal and some are hostage takers!

Police who responded will never get any appreciation from me, at least!. They have overdone their part. They had dragged the pleading brother and family members of Mendoza like pigs. Of course, someone sane would resist his captors if he is drag by men in uniform without any explanation and will be brought to places unknown! I do hope still that they have a better explanation on that scene and wished Commission on Human Rights to intervene!

All cast were introduced I guess except for the symphony orchestra! It was neither London Symphony Orchestra or Philharmonic. It was the media who covers all the drama scene per scene, angle by angle. And if need be, some blurred close up and zooming effects. Yet they seemed to be presumptive in the stillness of the stage urging our gullible men in uniform to advance despite threats to the lives of hostages! Their cameras overdo some minute details. But thanks to them. They made another milestone in delivering fresh news with better vantage points to its viewer, which would surely instill both positive and negative upheavals to Filipinos worldwide!

With over dozens of bullet, the stage stood still. Comes dead silence. The police call it curtain call. But there was never a qeue to drop it. Instead wounded, helpless victim, who managed to survive some teargas canisters fired inside the bus, emerged! Some was brought to the nearby hospital but some are declared DOA. Could it be possible that bullets from police and SWAT team killed some hostage?

After the Maguindanao Massacre in 2009, comes another yet ruthless presentation of lawlessness and hopelessness.

Our country has once again made it to the international press! This will surely affect our international relations with affected country. This I hope won't be a downfall on our staggering economy.

This is no time for acting like we are on our way to canonization! This is not the time to put our blame on Judas.

This is a time for deep contemplation. A time to weep and a time to pray for the souls of the victims, to our future children who will be affected by this event in history and to the souls of our forefathers before us who build this country from blood and sweat!

Too much of hostility and too little recourse for our own malady!
What a shame!

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