And what's in store for America with all these help?

"...Thus, He's talking to me!'

These are the questions that keeps ringing my ears ever since I understood the word INDEPENDENCE.
Let me begin this story with three facts and lets start from there.

First, America saved the Philippines from Spanish regime on 1898. Second, America aids in the restoration of the Philippines after world war II. And finally, America is still around the country be it in military exercises, calamities or national insurgencies.

Technically, they never left! But why?
Right after the defeat of Spain, Philippines started to rise in the orient as a nation. To weak for a spanish colony for almost 300 years to stand alone, America was there to assist. They started to help build a camaraderie that's full of hope and brought development to a country that's been a subject of Spain.
America then started to win the hearts of the many. Many Filipinos were apprehensive with their presence and few resistance are still felt especially to the land of promise - Mindanao. Tribal leaders are courted. Chieftains are convinced that they are different from their white contemporary, the Spaniards. They brought new technology, development and human empowerment. And their mission is gradually taking into its place. Accordingly, Mindanao was proposed by one US congressman to be America's 50th state but due to some resistance by Muslim leaders, it failed. The spot was then given to Hawaii.
However, another war broke out. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Countless lives were wasted and damages are whooping high in cost. And for the second time, America once again rescued the Philippines from havoc. New plans were drafted and everything were geared for a new nation to stand.
Come the new century.
Philippines is now standing alone. But behind every success, one can't help but notice the existence of american spirit in every road it takes.
I was previledge to talk to an FBI agent one Saturday night over coffee. It was unintentional to bombard him such questions and am a bit apprehensive as such might sound judgemental or rude. But my intention is pious. I only need an answer to a question that an american man in uniform could possibly know the answer. And eventually i got a favorable response.
According to him, prior to world war II, an immaculate plan was circulating around men-in-uniform in the US. This is a plan to help the Philippines. Probably to stand as independent country if we put it that way. But my heart was not convinced! I need another answer.
With all the millions of dollars they gave to our country, there has to be something big in store for them. And i wanna know what that is. So i dig!
He was humble enough to tell me why he's here for quite sometime now.
They were here for partnership. He said, eversince America set foot on philippine soil, they never viewed us as their subject! This is to separate them from the ideas European imperialism. They never took any resources or take advantage on our weakness. And above all, they're here to ensure that our country will not be a training ground for any terroristic activities that would threaten the world. They give alternatives to these bandits by giving them livelihood and helping them uplift the way of life for those in the marginalized sector.
Thus, He's talking to me.
*i would like to thank my friend Princess and July for a wonderful evening. Not only that i've seen you guys but i've also learned a lot. I hope seeing you again soon. And thank you Princesa for introducing Andres.

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